Social Web statt Social Media

ActivityPub ist der Klebstoff des Social Webs.

Mastodon eine der Tuben, in denen der Klebstoff kommt.


Some Readers Are Canceling Digital Subscriptions 11/15/2022:

Of consumers polled, 29% plan to reduce the number of online subscriptions they hold by the end of the year, 16% significantly so. However, 27% expect to add to the number, and 44% will maintain their totals.

But 53% have cancelled at least one digital subscription during the first half of the year, while 19% have never eliminated one. The main reasons for quitting a subscription are price increases and poor product quality.


Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner’s Politico Ambitions:

After the Politico investment, Döpfner decided to buy one of the world’s most influential publications, the Financial Times. In 2015, he offered £800 million to Pearson Publishing for it. But at the very last minute, he was outbid by the Japanese publisher Nikkei. “It wasn’t quite the propellers whirling out in Casablanca, but everything was ready to go,” recalls Lionel Barber, the longtime former editor of the FT. He says Döpfner “had been pipped, and he took it hard.” Jan Bayer, Döpfner’s No. 2 at Springer, says he canceled his family holiday and went to his boss’s house to reassess. “We decided then,” says Bayer, “‘Okay, we go for Business Insider.’”

Springer wollte die Financial Times kaufen. (So wie Murdoch das WSJ gekauft hat, I guess.)

Eines von Döpfners Kindern ist Thiels Chief of Staff. Wow.

He has a child with a girlfriend but remains married to the mother of his other three children (one of whom is Peter Thiel’s chief of staff).

Politico plant internationale Expansion:

Backed by Springer’s deep pockets, it has plans to add 100 to 150 new employees over the next year to staff up in foreign and domestic capitals and power centers, the sorts of places where Politico can do its hyperniche coverage of policymakers.

Ich gehe erstmal von jeder größeren europäischen Hauptstadt aus… Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rom…


Nike Sprints Into Web3 With New .SWOOSH Platform:

Nike says .SWOOSH will be a resource for Web3 education and a platform to buy and trade digital collectibles, such as virtual sneakers or jerseys. These items can be worn in video games and other immersive experiences, the company says.
Additionally, .SWOOSH will allow users to create their own collections on the platform, from which they can earn royalties.

Nicht sicher wie sinnvoll das speziell sein wird, aber Nikes Experimentierfreudigkeit als Marke ist beachtlich.

„Inside the Twitter meltdown“


„The message: that Twitter’s future is “dire,” Musk wrote, an effect of a worsening economy and the company’s dependence on brand advertising. “Without significant subscription revenue, there is a good chance Twitter will not survive the upcoming economic downturn. We need roughly half of our revenue to be subscription.”“

-> Inside the Twitter meltdown


Servicehinweis, weil auf absehbare Zeit nicht alle, denen ihr auf Twitter folgt, hier sein werden:

Alle modernen Feedreader von Inoreader bis Feedbin unterstützen auch Twitter. Heißt, ihr könnt neben RSS-Feeds auch die wenigen verbliebenen, euch wichtigen Tweets im Feedreader einfangen.

Mastodon hat übrigens auch RSS. Einfach .rss an die Profil-URL anhängen.

#RSS to the rescue


Ich schrieb das gerade jemandem in einer DM: Ich habe über die Jahre viele Onlinevölkerwanderungen gesehen. Was ich gerade auf Mastodon beobachte, habe ich in dem Ausmaß nur zwei Mal gesehen. Anfang der 2010er Jahre bei Instagram und jüngst bei Clubhouse. Make of that what you will.