Hier kommen die ML-Features, die handfesten Nutzen im Alltag stiften:

„After each meeting, OtterPilot will automatically send an AI-generated summary of key meeting topics to those invited to the meeting or directly to an Otter group. Automated summaries are shared via email, with hyperlinks to key moments. […]

The new meeting assistant can also automatically capture images of slides shared during virtual meetings. It automatically captures a slide presentation and inserts it into the meeting notes. Otter notes that this allows professionals to easily search for and recall important slides along with the transcript to remember what was shared.

OtterPilot also uses AI to write meeting notes in real time and share them with everyone so they can collaborate during meetings. During meetings, attendees can view the live transcript, add comments, highlight key points and also assign action items.“ launches OtterPilot, its new AI meeting assistant