Artificial Digging: How Google’s AI Now Reveals What Producers Sampled:

„But it wasn’t until mid-2022 that Google’s song recognition turned from another mid-Shazam alternative to a groundbreaking discovery for them. A Sample Hunting member by the name of DJPasta found a new way to utilize the technology to the fullest: „I figured out a method to run audio directly from my PC into Google Assistant with software called Bluestacks. I was mostly trying out a few Todd Edwards samples that I’d been looking for at the time. To my surprise, Google Assistant’s song recognition found most of them. Eventually, I had the idea to try out shorter samples, like Carrie Lucas‘ ‚Sometimes a Love Goes Wrong.'“

A stint of discoveries followed, also by other members of the community who started using Google Assistant. From there, they had pretty much taken Google Assistant on board as the new default for sample hunting, on top of their continued discoveries by ear, knowledge of music, and labor of endlessly digging through music.

Lobelia recalls there was a sample drought for Daft Punk’s „Face To Face“ up till July 2022. Lobelia: „I slept through what we now call the Night of Many Samples when I’d say a dozen samples were found. I can’t describe how crazy waking up to all of that was!“ Since then, they tongue-in-cheek call Google’s song recognition technology The Blessed AI. A divine status with the community members as its disciples.“